on the Gibson Railing project…

project : Gibson Railing Complete

The Gibson Railing Project is now complete. Whew! I always look back on a completed project and run through the whole process in my mind in a flash…Thinking as I look at the completed work…What’s the big deal?…It’s a piece of cake!………………………Yeah right…Why do I always minimize things at the end after all the work is complete?…The effort it takes to make something from scratch and maintain a high level of integrity and quality is huge…And definitely gratifying.

These images show the railings back from the galvanizer and just installed.


project : Gibson Railing continues…

The railing project continues with another section nearing completion. This shows the shaping of the leaf and branch after forging the baluster to size. The bottom of the branch balusters have a tenon that will get headed over as the joinery after shaping and fitting is complete. Note the non-branch balusters are also tenoned at both ends and headed over for the joinery.


project : Gibson Railing

This project is an ongoing railing  commission that utilizes hot twisting rebar to give the balusters an organic irregular feel. The images show the method that has worked best to achieving thetwisting with the 45M and 55M rebar. The bar is held at both ends – one end by a pipe vise the other by a three jaw lathe chuck mounted to a reduction gear setup with forward and reverse. The gas forge provides the uniform heat and can move along the bar as the twisting progresses.


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