on the Woodhaven Sculpture project…

project : WoodHaven Sculpture

It has been a long road, but the public sculpture WoodHaven is now complete and installed.

It was unveiled in Ajax, Ontario at Carruthers Marsh Pavilion on May 23, 2013.

Here are some progress and installed images of the piece.




project : WoodHaven Sculpture

Tree forged from 1″ X 5″ X 60″ flat bar tapered to 107″ length and roots chisel cut…need to make tenons next.

Starting materials…Uh Oh!!

Working drawing

Starting a new project which is a public piece that will be installed in Town of Ajax, ON near Lake Ontario later in the fall 2012. These are the sculpture footing support frames just finished. One central square 4ft. X 4ft. and four 2ft. satellite round.


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