phase one :: concept

The first phase of a New Client project begins with coordinating the initial consultation. Typically, this consultation is “gratis” – granted the meeting location is within a two hour driving radius of the SWFF studio/shop. The focus of the consultation is really about listening. Simply listening to the prospective client define the envisioned project and to understand what they hope to achieve through the project. Conversations reveal valuable information about the client and their conceptual imagery which is important information when moving forward into the next phase – design.

During the initial consultation, the project scope is reviewed, as well as observing, photographing and measuring the physical environment to better understand the setting where the project will reside; regardless if the project is a functional or sculptural form. It is also important to establish a budget goal at this time.

contemporary artist blacksmith mark puigmarti commission

custom forged curved railing

phase two :: design

Based on information gathered during the initial consultation, Phase Two focuses on the development of drawings, thumbnail sketches and rough drafts.
Development and refinement of sketches include many considerations such as:

  • dimensions
  • proportion
  • size of stock materials
  • methods of joinery/attachment
  • mechanical operation

A technique my Clients appreciate involves assimilating a concept sketch into a gray-scaled/ low contrast photographic image of the setting.  The resulting manipulated image allows clients to visualize the prospective artwork in its intended location.
This process is ideal with any mid-large scale projects where design confirmation is imperative. Also depending on the scale of the project there may be the need to develop prototypes which provide the Client with a close-up, hands-on visual example of the finer detailing components (eg) joinery, texture.
During this phase the project plan with corresponding project costs are prepared and submitted for client approval.

phase three :: production

In Phase Three based on Client project acceptance and approval the production work begins.
Bringing forth the concept to reality is both mentally invigorating and physically demanding. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As work proceeds, regularly scheduled communication updates and/or status reports are provided.

phase four :: delivery & installation

Once the project is completed as far as it can be at the SWFF studio/shop the final phase involves transferring the project deliverables to the designated location. Assembly and final touches are applied to Client satisfaction.